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The Imaginary Invalid



Directed by Marilyn Miller, Peter Dias, and Troy D. Menn.


        As the second UIL One-Act of my high school career (as well as my last), Moliere's The Imaginary Invalid was everything I could have hoped for. At first, I was lukewarm toward the show, having been forced to read Tartuffe in senior English, but I warmed up to it after reading the script. Cast as the lecherous lawyer Bonnefoi, I felt a bit out of my depth, and I'm sure my castmates will agree that, to some extent at least, I was. Eventually, though, I pulled the character together, learned my lines (always a problem!), and managed to put together a fairly funny scene.

        Like The Elephant Man, Invalid was a chance to bring the members of the cast and crew together. There were the Guys' Nights, and the Infamous Taco Competition (whooo BJ! T.E.C. all the way!), not to mention House of Pies, and the Girls and their driveway chalk...not to mention lots of memorable backstage moments that we won't get into. Frisbee, of course, is a beautiful thing (even if Menn tried to stop us!).

        Invalid went to Area competition before falling to the whim of a judge; a bittersweet, though not bitter, end to a rather peculiar era.

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