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The Good Doctor


Production Staff:

Directed by Donald Schulte

(*-denotes Black Mask Honorary Dramatic Society member)


        As a first college theater experience, The Good Doctor was a wonderful show. A small cast, a challenging set of roles, and an easygoing comedy were all very good ideas, and Doctor filled all requirements. Dr. Schulte, our director, was a superb leader, putting up with my failings with incredible patience. The rest of the cast was a very good ensemble; Tim and I were both freshmen, and being thrown in with more experienced members of the theater was a perfect way to start my season.

        The cast forged several lasting friendships for me; Tim and I will be sharing a room with Dan the first semester of next year, Julie and I get along quite well, and Roman and I got along well enough that being in another show together was an enjoyable experience. I only regret that I see Anna-Marie so seldom.

        The show itself was excellent. The cast was very strong, especially given that each member, save Roman, had to play many roles. Roman played more than one, himself, but his main role as the narrator was large enough for several actors. Highlights of the show included: "The Sneeze," in which I went through a slow-motion sneeze as Ivan Illytch Cherdyakov, an unfortunate proletarian; "Surgery," in which Tim wrestled around with Roman over the pulling of a tooth; "The Drowned Man," in which Roman watched me drown myself for money; and "A Defenseless Creature," in which Julie portrayed a frightfully convincing madwoman. Perhaps the best example of acting was "The Audition," Anna-Marie's stupendous and poignant scene.

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