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Shakespeare on the Terraces

Scene Listing:


Production Staff:

(*-denotes Black Mask Honorary Dramatic Society member)


        Born from a lack of anything classical in nature during the regular theatre season, Shakespeare on the Terraces was a small revue of some of the best scenes from the Bard's works. Undertaken by students, without the help or blessing of the SEMO Dept. of Theatre and Dance, the revue came together through the dedication of the troupe's members, the assistance of University Players, and funding from the H.O. Grauel Committee. Originally, it was a two-hour show, including all the listed scenes and more (scenes from Romeo and Juliet and Henry IV, part two were cut, as well as additional scenes from shows already mentioned), but it eventually wound up as the one-hour performance listed here. It began in the Summer of 2001, as we read plays, decided on desired scenes, and began compiling a script. During the Fall, production and the search for funds began, and the Spring saw rehearsals begin in earnest. Although each scene had a designated director (actors directed their own monologues), every member of the troupe had some hand in the development of each scene, making the revue an entirely collaborative effort. The show played twice on Saturday, April 27 in the Glenn Auditorium on the SEMO campus; members of the H.O. Grauel Committee held a panel discussion following the performance. 

        Overall, I think this show taught everyone involved a great deal about themselves and about each other. We discovered talents we didn't know we had, weaknesses we didn't expect, and the ability to overcome those we did expect. We all made at least one new friend--thanks to James, for coming out of the blue to auditions--and the trust we already had in each other was reinforced. There was a lot of negativity around this show's production, stemming from the Theatre faculty's apparent disdain, but that simply taught us all a little about getting things done regardless.

        Hopefully, the revue will continue each year; with the graduation of many of this year's members, however, that remains to be seen.

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