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This page is made of Solyent Green!, here's some more pics of people at SEMO...

This is Tim, the Godfather of Beer.

Well, not really. He's actually one of the few people who doesn't drink at the theater parties...but he does look rather patriarchal here, doesn't he? He and Li'l Dan were the two members (besides myself) of The 6th Floor West Triumvirate. 


This being "Dan the Man" Dan, looking like he's about 12 and being drunk. I'm not sure who those are in back, but that looks like the back of Sarah's head...

Here's Julie. On her porch. Not watching the Adam with the camera.




Aagh! Help! It's- it's- it's FORCED PERSPECTIVE MAN!!! Well, not really, it's actually Jason drunk and asleep in the Chair that Is in the House that Is. I suppose it's more passed out than asleep. Oh, well. That's Li'l Dan in the background, though there is nothing little about him...larger than life, perhaps.

These three weirdos are Marcus, Todd and Janel. I don't think she's drunk, but I know the two guys are. As Todd so eloquently put it: "my body's all drunk and blrrruggh..." 

Li'l Dan and Julie, on Todd's couch. That's Julie's hand, just so we're clear on that.


Jed. On a stool. Dancing as usual. Seriously: if he isn't telling people what to wear, he's dancing. Usually with Dan the Man Dan, to the tune of N*Sync. Except that they're N*proved.

Sarah and Mike. Sarah is really cool, and really smart. Sometimes confusing, I suppose, but always fun to be around.


These pictures are fairly similar, yes. Tim's the guy on the left. I'm the weirdo on the right. I couldn't decide which of these I liked more, I took a vote, it came out a tie, so I decided to put both on the site. Pick one, for your own benefit, if not mine.



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