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Pavel Sergeyev


Age: 47                                   Height: 5’4”

Born: 1953                            Weight: 178 lbs

Embraced: mortal                Eyes: a dark blue

Generation: n/a                    Hair: black, fairly short, with salt&pepper beard

Sire: n/a                

Resides: Northern Louisiana, near the Arkansas and Texas borders.

Sect: independent


The Embrace:

                Pavel’s father was a werewolf. Pavel was lucky enough to be born human, with only a deep sense for the supernatural. His Garou genes give him a close association with that breed, although he would rather keep his distance. He also has mild telepathic ability, basically enough to give him a sense of when his mind is being looked at; he can sense someone reading his aura, but rarely knows more than that. If he concentrates very hard, he is able to send brief messages to the mind of someone he knows very well; however, such an effort is extremely taxing for Pavel.

                Born in the USSR before the political upheaval that split it asunder, Pavel is a true product of a communist society: disgruntled, in need of money, and willing to work for whoever gives him what he needs. In his youth, he was an accomplished pickpocket in Leningrad, until he was caught picking the pocket of a KGB operative. The KGB man took him to the local headquarters, where he was recruited after a brief demonstration of his skill; he picked his way out of his holding cell to confront the officer on duty. He spent several years working for the KGB as a security expert, putting his natural flair for electronics to use. He enjoyed his work there, until one day his parents were killed and his house destroyed in an “accidental” fire. Unsatisfied by the official reports, he worked his way into the KGB’s files and discovered that his family was murdered because it was thought that Pavel had allowed them access to confidential information. Pavel was both dismayed and frightened to learn this, and left one night, and has been running from the KGB since. Using his considerable expertise against his opponents, Pavel was able to elude his former comrades until he met Jaren. Their meeting was a bit inauspicious, as it occurred while Jaren was attempting to break into Pavel’s current hideaway, but the two quickly formed a working relationship that eventually developed into a close friendship.


Current Activities:

                Pavel currently lives with Jaren in Jaren’s subterranean home in Northern Lousiana, thinking up new security devices and tending bar at Zee’s Bar in New Orleans (assuming, of course, that New Orleans is indeed where that bar "exists" is never sure of that place's location...). He drives a souped-up Audi, equipped with several of his own anti-theft devices. 


Character Traits:

Pavel craves respect, desiring it from his friends and patrons alike, and attempts to gain it from everyone he meets. He is, however, easily angered, and is likely to go into a deep funk if upset. He considers any unsolicited psychic monitoring to be a grave breach of privacy, and will confront anyone on this point. This is likely to get him in trouble one day, although his wits have kept him safe until now. He is also a very sympathetic creature, fulfilling all the traditional duties of a bartender, both mixology and psychology.


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