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Age: 2759                                               Height: 7’1”

Born: 759 BC                                         Weight: 183 lbs

Embraced: 732 BC                           Eyes: originally blue, now so pale as to be white

Generation: 5th                                     Hair: silver, unkempt, and long

Sire: unknown                     

Resides: wooded areas of  the southern Appalachians

Sect: entirely independent


The Embrace:

Vayle was Embraced apparently at random; he never knew his sire, except for the night on which his Embrace occurred. Vayle is originally from the area now known as Scandinavia. His Embrace was during the endless night of that land's northernmost reaches, and his sire left him to fend for himself in that barren, snowbound land. Originally a resourceful mortal, Vayle was able to do well enough, surviving mostly on the blood of animals; in his first years of unlife, he still understood enough of human nature to know his former kin would fear and hunt him if he fed too often on human blood. Still, a natural curiosity led him to watch humans closely, and it was only a matter of time before he found himself following a boating party out to sea. The end of that voyage was in the northernmost reaches of what is now Canada, and he eventually found his way to the Great Lakes region and even farther South. For millennia, he remained in the wilderness, losing all trace of human nature, and gaining the grudging respect of many Garou.


Current Activities:

For over a thousand years, Vayle was entirely outside any society, and certainly was not involved in Cainite politics. He knows nothing of the Camarilla or Sabbat (or even of the Gangrel, though he recognizes other Gangrels as related to him somehow), and cares nothing for their bickering. His sojourn in the wilderness has left him with little real care for others (except as interesting animals), though he has incredibly high empathy. He feels the pain of others acutely; however, his animal nature is so evident that he is usually very calm, taking a “what will be, will be” attitude. This combination of empathy and calm leads him to wonder about anyone in pain, and he desires to communicate with them, to help them become as calm as he. Unfortunately, his time away from society also left him without any understanding of modern language (though he shows a precocious ability to gain the understanding of any language), and an encounter with a prankster faerie left him without a tongue and with a distinct phobia toward the Fae. Recently, he has been drawn to urban areas for no better reason than “why not?” He was tired of the trees, apparently.


Character Traits:

Vayle is a highly empathic creature. He moves and acts very much like an animal, and has reactions similar to those most mammals would have in various situations. He likes very much to sit in a room watching others and doing very little else. He treats humans simply a another breed of animal, closer to the Beast than most might believe. Those who are patient enough to take the time to communicate with him will find a wealth of knowledge about the wilderness, the Garou, and more information on the Fae than most could provide. However, he is quite an eccentric fellow, and must be treated gently. He does not lose his temper easily but will fight if attacked. In his centuries of day-to-day survival, he has picked up by instinct skills more often attributed to other clans, and has more than a few surprises up his sleeves…although he seldom wears sleeves.


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