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Malanatomy Suite


I. My Knees


I hate my knees;

They do not me please;

They make me say “geeze!”

Medicinal people—dumb PhD’s—

Just won’t help my pleas;

They say that my knees

Can’t be helped.


II. My Elbows


I despise my elbows

Almost as much as my knees

They grant me the throes

Of distinct agonies.

The quacks—silly schmoes—

Are unaware totally

Of my problematic elbows.


III. My Right Hip


My right hip gives me pain

Come sun or come rain

It’s not like one knee,

Which knows met’rology,

And hurts more with the snow

Or like either elbow

Which just hurt all the time

No; my hip hurts, regardless of clime.


IV. My Foot


I once sprained my tarsals

And they never healed right

They disrupted rehearsals

And kept me up nights

But the swelling went down


But still my foot makes me frown

Like my hips, elbows and knees.


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Copyright ©2000, 2001 Adam Rutledge