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Saltines: A Marketing Strategy

        Saltines. You know, the little square crackers that are really good with anything, including just themselves? Yeah, those. Aren't they great?

        Great, except for one thing. They come in those long, square flimsy plastic wraps that you have to tear up to get at any of the crackers, and it's inconvenient and difficult, and if you don't finish off the whole pack it's hard to reseal without getting a new bag, and they get stale. It's just plain silly.

        I have a solution: Pringles.

         What, you may ask, do saltines have to do with Pringles? And why are the always-crisp, come-in-a-canister potato chips a solution to the saltine wrap problem?

        Think a moment. What is unique about Pringles? The canister. If we made square canisters for saltines, we could package them in individual snack sizes, like Pringles, and they wouldn't get crushed, and they could always be fresh, because the canisters reseal easily, and everyone could enjoy saltines all the time, because there would be fewer crumbs on opening the package, and you can just dump out as many as you want and never more than that, and the manufacturers could make more money due to packaging, but the consumers get convenience for it, and everyone's happy. Saltines in a can. The wave of the future.

        Just send me the patents, thank you.

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