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The Obligatory Page of Other People's Sites


The Smithsonian Institution: An amazing collection of art, nature, and other cool stuff. The place to be in DC. Nice architecture in the museums, too. Love it.

Williams-Sonoma: My occasional employer, and one of the best stores in the world. It's a beautiful place. Buy All-Clad.

LEGO: The greatest toy in the world.

Volvo: Sure, they were bought by Ford, which is a terrible blow, but these cars are still among the best on the road.

Addicted to Words: A forum for proletarians (and others) who relish unbridled verbiage. Thanks, Kim!

The Vampyre Chat: Where I am most nights until 4 a.m. (Not really, Mom!)

Sanguinus Curae: A site that helps me keep pace with the people who do stay at V-Chat until 4 every morning...

The Compleat Works of Daniel Boughton, Abridged:'s Dan's page. What more description do you want? Actually, it's kinda difficult to describe...if you know Dan, everything's cool. If not, then it's essentially like my page except made by Dan instead of me. Lots of Interesting things to read and think about.


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