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Ye Olde Page O' Shtuff


The Great and Epic Saga: Great and Epic, you ask? So it sounds redundant...but I like it anyway. If you want to know who I am, this is where to go.

The Supporting Cast: I'd like to thank all the (not so) little people who helped me along the way...

The Pen Speaks: After all, I am a writer. Judge how well I fulfill my passion...

...And the Half is Cut Off at the Waist: I may not be royalty, but I have plenty of justification  to speak in the third person...

I Never Said That!: The page that every website seems to have...but I like the idea, so here are some of my favorite quotes.

A Bunch of Things That Really Have Little or Nothing to do With Me: Links.

Know this, Ye Interlopers and Thought-Brigands: all work here (excepting those things specifically attributed to others) is Copyright Adam Rutledge. Should you harbor a desire to make use of my words, contact me at Thank you.

Hey, while you're at it, feel free to send me complaints, comments, suggestions, or any other related phrasings at the same address. Thanks!

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"The Pocket Soapbox" was last updated 25 May, 2002.