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Jaren Zillrioth


Age: 316                                 Height: 5’10”

Born: 1684                             Weight: 156 lbs

Embraced: 1714                    Eyes: green; left is replaced by obsidian

Generation: 8th                     Hair: black, to shoulderblades

Sire: James Zilithsen                               

Resides: Northern Louisiana, near the Arkansas and Texas borders.

Sect: independent, sympathetic to Camarilla due to its less anarchic nature


The Embrace:

                Jaren was born Jaren Winter near Brighton, England, and served most of his mortal life in the British Army, serving in America during Queen Anne’s War (1702-1713). He saw action at Acadia in 1704 and Port Royal in 1710. He was a capable but undecorated soldier, known for his cool head in battle and his uncanny understanding of where to be during any fight. He excelled at hand-to-hand combat, far better in close quarters than across a battlefield and likely to be victorious in small, personal skirmishes. After the Treaty of Utrecht, which ostensibly ended Queen Anne’s War, he was stationed on the frontier, near the Allegheny River. In 1714, during a brief period of leave, Jaren was attacked while fishing by a group of three French trappers, angry at the British presence in what they still considered their hunting land. The first shot took Jaren by surprise, but missed, as did the second. Jaren saw the trappers before the third fired, and moved out of the way as that shot passed him, so that the ball simply grazed his face, ruining his left eye. The trappers then rushed Jaren, one falling to a lucky musket shot and another to a hatchet blow. The third put a knife in Jaren’s thigh before taking a blow to the head with the blunt end of the hatchet. Jaren brought the unconscious man back to a nearby settlement, reaching it late that evening. He was taken to a rather eccentric colonist, James Zilithsen, a rather compassionate healer. The trapper was also brought to the healer, but remained weak for “unknown” reasons and was unable to leave. James was able to remove Jaren’s eye and repair the ocular bones fairly well, but the knife wound was allowed to fester. Jaren convalesced for several weeks, befriending James. Eventually, the knife wound healed, and the trapper began making a swift recovery. In October of 1714, Jaren was embraced, childe of James, and took the surname Zillrioth. His first victim was the trapper. For 20 years, Jaren remained with James, learning of Cainite politics and of Zilithren history. In 1734, James was killed by a Brujah mercenary, who Jaren then hunted and diablerized. The mercenary was antitribu, but Jaren was unable to extract any worthwhile information regarding the attack on his sire. Jaren’s obsidian eye is a souvenir, originally a pendant that belonged to that Brujah.


Current Activities:

                Jaren now resides in Northern Louisiana with his mortal friend and security expert Pavel Sergeyev in a small, out of the way shack with extensive subterranean rooms. He is something of a scholar, with a huge library and art gallery, much of which regards Cainite history. Although he tries to exist outside it, he is very aware of the current political situation. He is very wealthy, as he is a shrewd businessman and very good at playing the stock market game. His fingers are in nearly everything, including a reservation-based casino, a Texas oil company, and several international companies. He travels often, visiting his various holdings and finding others. He has more mortal than vampiric friends, and his face is known in many social circles.


Character Traits:

                Jaren is a creature of high moral standards, and holds to those morals as a way of maintaining his humanity. He is handy in a fight, although he would rather talk than resort to violence. His temper often seems to flare suddenly, usually a result of controlling it too much. He likes to see justice served, and is likely to help those in need. Mortal laws mean very little to him, though, and much of his wealth has been gained through less-than-legal activities. Although he is capable of loving someone, and sometimes does, he cares little for romantic interludes, more interested in watching others than in loving them. He makes an attentive friend and a somewhat distant lover.


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