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Why Can't All of Me Just Shut Up and Agree on Something for Once?

        A friend of mine once asked me how many personalities I actually had running about in my mind. With little hesitation, I pulled a number out of the air, hardly knowing quite what I was really saying. "Two hundred forty-seven and a half," I said. Then, in one of those brilliant moments of perfect comic timing that can never be duplicated, I added, "and the half is cut off at the waist." For some reason, that was absolutely hilarious, and had us laughing for a good while. It is, of course, true that there seem to be a lot of people inside my one body; this stems from the fact that I have a reasonably (all right, extremely) fertile imagination, a penchant for the random, and a rampant desire to lose myself. I am an actor, and that means at least as much offstage as it does on.

        Once again, this is a work-in-progress, so bear with me.

"Legitimate" Acting...this is my work on stage; here, you will find plays I have taken part in. My comments about my performances, and some production notes of my own...

The Type of Thing My Mother an acronym, RPG's. If you want to know about the characters I play for Vampire: the Masquerade, here you go.



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