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Trey Critz


Age: 47                                   Height: 5’11”

Born: 1953                             Weight: 210 lbs

Embraced: 1972                    Eyes: blue, usually wears mirror-lensed shades

Generation: 12th                  Hair: blonde, close-cropped

Sire: unknown                     

Resides: New Orleans, slummy neighborhoods

Sect: independent, leans more to Sabbat, but mostly just an anarchic punk-type


The Embrace:

Trey was wandering through the Los Angeles streets one night on his way home from the grocer’s. His small apartment, where he lived with his mother, was in a gang-ridden section of the city, and he was used to the possibility of a mugging or random assault. This particular night, he was especially worried because he had severely beaten a known gang member a few days before in a botched mugging. He had only lived in this neighborhood a few months, and already he had too many enemies. Even so, his marginal martial arts training and his natural strength served him well in the small altercations he had experienced so far. A few blocks from his building, he found himself surrounded by seven gang members. The fight raged for a few moments, and he was able to disable three of his assailants. The remaining four, however, soon began to overpower him. Suddenly, two of them were ripped away from him by some barely-seen passer-by. A third lost his face to a brutal punch, and the fourth ran. Trey was picked up by his shirt collar and dragged into an alley. More frightened by this new danger than grateful, he struggled to escape. His dubious savior stopped, and a smoothly pale face fell out of the darkness, eyes staring directly into Trey’s.

“I’ve been watching you, Trey.”

The woman’s voice was smooth, like silk, and Trey felt suddenly at ease. His embrace was without warning or ceremony, and his sire was only minimally helpful with the aftermath. She left him that same night, telling him he would learn well enough on his own, and that she might come back to check on him sometime.


Current Activities:

                Trey is wandering the country on a stolen Harley, currently staying near Zee’s Bar. On occasion, he thinks he feels a familiar presence, but has not seen his sire since the night she took him in. He is an anarch, desiring a complete destructuring of Cainite politics; he has stayed at Zee’s for so long largely because politics are so nonexistent there.


Character Traits:

                Trey is a strange mixture of your stereotypical modern Brujah and your less common Brujah-of-old, possessing both a strong temper and a remarkable penchant for rhetoric. His odd situation with blood loss- he goes through blood faster than an Expedition uses gas- ensures that he shows his angry side more often than his talkative side, but enough blood will set him on a kick of talking, grinning, and generally enjoying himself. As an anarch, he isn’t overtly worried about meeting his sire, but he secretly fears the night that meeting will occur; however, he has a deep respect for history, and wishes to know his own.


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