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A Brief Discourse on Orange Soda

    Orange soda is, quite possibly, one of the greatest things in the world. Honestly, I think it is. Think about it: what else is so great? Orange soda is one of the few things that I like that is orange; that right there should tell you it has some spectacular redeeming qualities. Then, there's the great childish feel it carries. When I was much younger, and living in Italy, I loved orange soda...that's what I drank every time I went somewhere. Fast food restaurants, regular restaurants (if they had it), just because...I always wanted the orange soda. Then, my tastes eventually matured, and I stopped drinking it. Notice what I just said: my tastes matured. Matured, as in grew older and more refined, less childish. That means that they were once childish, which proves my point that orange soda is childish. Now, I rarely drink orange soda. It isn't the first thing I reach for...I always get root beer at the fountain, and iced tea at real restaurants. Orange soda just has an innocence about it. I just drank some tonight, and it made me feel relaxed and free...unhampered by the crap I ought to have been dealing with. I was down to the dregs of the Crush, and for a brief, fleeting moment, I felt like a kid again. Instead of stress, there was only orange soda. I like that.


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