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"Look Around You; All You See are Sympathetic Eyes..."


        So, you know a little about me about my friends? Well, here goes nothing. This is a vast picture page of who I know and why...


My dog, Murphy. I like my dog a lot, and this is just a fun picture, if a little can also see my mom's kitchen, or part of it at least, in the background.


Me, Mary-Pat, Justin, and Kim. This was taken right before the 1999 Homecoming dance, where we weren't supposed to wear costumes (despite the "Midnight Masquerade" theme) but did anyway, and all was good. My mother sewed my tunic, and all the other costumes were created by Kim and her mother. I've got to say, these people are among the most influential in my life. Justin and I have been friends since 6th grade, making him one of the longest-lasting friends I have...he's a little crazy sometimes, but he's a great guy. Kim and I act like we hate each other, but we don't really...I have more respect for her than I think she realizes. I am standing next to Mary-Pat, a onetime girlfriend and a current friend.


This guy is John Lemke, A.K.A. John the German ("German" being pronounced with a hard "G"). He's actually from one of the M-states (I forget which one, I think maybe Missouri), but lives in Germany and was a foreign exchange student at Creek my senior year. John rocks, and that's all there is to it. Just for the record, limes are really cool, too.

Lucas just doesn't seem to like the idea of having his picture taken...that's him on the right, writing on the GI Joe lunchbox. Lucas is great. Anyone who has a metal GI Joe lunchbox is great, in my book, though Lucas goes quite a way beyond that...Teresa is next to him, and George is the guy in the background. I think the girl you can't see behind Teresa is Kristin, but I'm not sure.

Now we have yet another photo I like. Lindsay is the girl you can actually see. The backs of the heads belong to Allison and Jessie. The swingset is part of the playground Creek has for the Early Childhood Professions class; the high school students don't get to enjoy recess. I'd also like to point out Galileo. He's the green Saturn Station Wagon, the second closest car that you can see. I love my car.

Now you can get a better view of Chris and Lindsay. Chris is a complete oddball, whom I met through Justin. He's a good guy, who always means well, even if he is a bit squirrelly. This picture is one of his (rare) calmer moments. Lindsay came to the Creek theater department my Junior year, proved herself as an incredible props mistress, and became one of my favorite people in the department. She is the official Holder of the Fidget, and always shall be



For now, that's all I have scanned of the people who attended Arkham-- I  mean Creek, excuse me-- with me...I'll put up more in a while, once I go back home and get them.


Now, we have a few people I met up here at Southeast Missouri State University...not everyone, certainly, but a few.

This is Beth, and her friend the fake tree.

Dan, not Dan the Man Dan, but Dan nonetheless. Dan the Man is a different Dan, who I don't have a picture of. This Dan is my best friend up here, and his face isn't usually this red. He also doesn't usually have that angry man sprouting from the top of his head. I don't know the family in the background, but the kid at the far left is drinking from a water bottle that appears to be almost the same size as she (he?) is, and that's kinda funny.

Now we have Carl. Carl talks a LOT, but he's really a lot of fun. Besides that, he's a fellow Trekkie. He, Dan and I all stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning, and the two of them often end up in my room, where we talk about nothing in particular, or listen to Carl talk about nothing in particular, or listen to me talk about nothing at all (but it's important because I'm saying it...really, it is...). What's great about this picture is that you can actually see my post-it notes (the little green thing on top of the computer tower). That doesn't happen often.


Once again, Murphy.


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